Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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A few weeks ago, I sat down to do some brainstorming.  Juggling everything and life's general messiness was bothering me and I decided it would help to get it all together to make a list all of the things I love about and think describe my clients and their family life. A few that came to mind right away: Real. Chaotic (in a good way.) Intentional. Genuine. Sincere. Complicated. Loving. Fun. Adventurous. Active. Normal. Strong. Nurturing. Wild. Creative. It made me want to think harder about who I get to work with and it made me appreciate even more how much I love that I get to witness your love.  So, here are a few things I walked away thinking. About you, about the things I love about you: 

You're busy, but you hate the word busy, and you try to do the best you can each day to slow down and enjoy the things that matter.  It's not always a great success, but you to to squeeze the goodness out of your special life moments, big and small, as often as humanly possible.  

Your life is chaotic in the best kind of way. You might have a baby keeping you up at night, preschoolers keeping you running constantly or school-aged kids that keep you on your toes emotionally and physically as you keep track of everyone going on different directions.  You juggle all of this with more grace than you will ever know or admit to yourself and I admire you for it because I completely understand what it is to be a mother to young kids right now and try to keep your sanity and a modicum of grace. 

You are compassionate.  Your heart leads you strongly through life and you likely have a cause (or 3) that is always in the back of your mind.  It's probably related to children or animals or health or poverty in some way and it's one of the things that helps you to keep your perspective when things feel rough or overwhelming.  You probably wish you could do more for the cause, but have a hard time adding it to the list of demands right now.  

Your life is messy: literally and figuratively.  You can pull it together for people coming to your house, but on any given day that you're at home, you probably have at least one surface of your house that is in a constant state of disaster between mail and art projects and stopping and starting 50 different things.  The dishes are piled up because you chose to spend that time reading an extra book to one of your kids or push them on the swing for a few extra summer evening minutes and by the time you got them to bed, you didn't have an ounce of anything left in you to do those dishes last night.  You felt guilty for wanting to just check in on Facebook or Instagram instead and connect with friends for a few minutes and see sweet pictures of your niece and nephew who live across town or across the country and who you wish you got to see more and I don't think you should feel a single ounce of guilt for that.  

All of these things?  I adore them about you.  I don't judge any of it in any way other than to think you're amazing with all that you balance in a day.  I think they're just the things that make you human and complicated and beautiful and I want to celebrate them and I think you should, too!  

Want to spend some time looking at your life thorugh a lens with gratitude for all of the imperfection and quirks?  I just signed up for Darrah Parker's 10-Day e-course called LensMama and I want to buy a seat for you!  I just found out about her course yesterday morning in my own email and I loved the concept so much that I want one of you to enjoy it, too!  She is a beautiful storyteller through both words and photographs and her voice in teaching is so gentle and kind.  

Here's how she describes the course: 
"LensMama is my way of telling you that I appreciate you. Consider it a virtual mama-to-mama hug...For ten days, you will receive love notes from me. Along with daily photography prompts and photography tips, you will have a community of other LensMamas to share your story with and who will cheer you on. You will learn to photograph your life in artful ways, find beauty in the mess, capture your children during candid moments, and improve your photography along the way.LensMama e-course will help you take a deep breath, ground you in the present, and see (really see) how imperfectly perfect your life is. Afterward, you will have memories to return to (both photographed and not) and a toolkit to guide you through the years of motherhood with presence, joy, and gratitude." (from the LensMama/Darrah Parker Photography site) 

Want to win a spot in the e-course?? Share this! Send it to a friend via email or share it on your Facebook wall and come back here and leave a comment to let me know you shared or (leave a message on my Facebook post) saying that you shared along with a note on something small that's making you happy today! On Friday, July 12th, at noon EST one person who shared will be randomly chosen and I'll buy your seat and send you the signup info:) Want an extra chance?? Sign up for my email list (or let me know that you're already on it!) and leave a comment below or on Facebook letting me know you signed up! 


cleisure said...

I signed up for your email list!
Can't wait to see the Zufelt family photos.

cleisure said...

Also shared via email...

Anonymous said...

I loved this post. I was more than happy to share with others not only how good you are with a camera, but how you understand and love this crazy time in a young families lives and how important it is to capture small moments. Maggie

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Maggie! And I do hate the word busy! Thanks for the post Lillian! - Bunny

apple wrangler said...

SO cool! thanks for the chance, Lillian! Been needing a kick in the butt with my photos... Fiamettas delicious cheeks and a successful grocery trip with three kiddos brought me teriffic joy today! xo

Katie said...

Beautiful, Lillian. Just catching up over here - love everything you've got going on. :)

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